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Firmware Engineer


Job Responsibilities

  • Architect and develop embedded firmware for digital circuitry and micro-controller based control systems.
  • Plan and coordinate assigned project from concept to post manufacturing. This includes aiding with the completion of the Project Identification and product requirements documents. Is responsible for assuring the project progresses to completion according to schedule, budget and specification.
  • Will be responsible for documenting test results, conducting design reviews and coordinating with manufacturing.
  • Performs experiments to determine necessary engineering parameters. Discusses, analyzes, summarizes and publishes with appropriate personnel, test results. Uses test data and reports to determine if design meets functional and performance specifications. Evaluates test results for possible application to development of other uses.
  • Confers with other engineering personnel and prepares design modifications as required.
  • Is expected to solve problems or issues during product development with assistance.
  • Interacts with customers to understand product application and to provide solutions to their requirements and product problems.
  • Maintains the confidentiality of all information processed.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • US citizenship or Permanent Resident (Green Card) candidates only
  • B.S/M.S degree in Electrical/ Electronics Engineering or Computer Science from an accredited university
  • Minimum two years of industry experience
  • Proven experience in architecting, designing, and implementing complex firmware projects
  • Strong C/C++ language skills, familiarity of assembly, and knowledge of application level software
  • Experience with I2C, SPI, RS-232, RS-485 or other inter-processor communications. Experience with RF and Bluetooth LE a plus.
  • Microcontroller firmware design and development using MPLAB, IAR, or other appropriate tools with PIC, MSP430, and similar microcontrollers.
  • Effective in communicating the design and challenges to rest of the engineering team and the management.

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GPU/Embedded Software Engineer


You will be working closely with a group of Research and Development Scientists and Engineers to breathe life into cutting edge algorithms by implementing them in embedded, mobile, PC and cluster systems, often with real time performance expectations. UC manages and actively develops a variety of technologies in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Networking, and Medical domains. This requires a talented software engineer with relevant domain specific knowledge and the technical know-how to make it possible while keeping it manageable.


-US citizen or permanent resident;

-BS/MS in Computer Science;

-Strong knowledge of C, C++;

-Good knowledge of algorithm optimization and acceleration using GPGPU programming (CUDA/OpenCL) or embedded systems (SIMD);

-Experience working in a team on large software projects;

-Good oral and written communication skills.

Desired skills

-Experience with image processing or computer vision;

-Working knowledge of libraries such as OpenCV, Eigen and GUI toolkits such as Qt;

-Good knowledge of Matlab and Python;

-Familiarity with version control systems (git/subversion) and build tools (CMake/make);

-Hands on experience with hardware and embedded systems development.

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IT Administrator Position


This position will administer and support the systems, networks, and telecommunications of our main office in Los Angeles, CA.  Position entails ongoing maintenance tasks for both computers and core company services including account management, groupware, mail servers, backup, firewalls, document management, and secure file-sharing with remote customers. The position will also be providing local end-user support for both Windows and Linux Operating Systems.

  • US Citizen or Permanent Resident (Green Card) candidates only.
  • In-depth knowledge of Windows and Linux Operating Systems
  • Very knowledgeable about computer hardware and networking
  • Structured and analytical thinking with strong problem solving and trouble shooting skills
  • Experience configuring and maintaining web services
  • Experience in writing shell scripts or similar (e.g. Bash,  Python, Ruby)
  • Can research and find the right hardware or software within budget that does the job
  • Able to research and incorporate new softwares to increase company efficiency


  • B.S. in relevant field or technical certifications
  • Good knowledge in C/C++ or similar
  • Web development Experience

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Software Engineer – Networking


UtopiaCompression Corporation (UC) is seeking a full-time software engineer for its networking and communications research group. The candidate will work with a group of R&D Scientists and Engineers to design, develop, and test cutting-edge networking solutions and products. UC does R&D and product development in wireless ad hoc networks, airborne networking, automatic gateway generation, protocol translation, and satellite communications. The desired candidate should have expertise and experience in software development and creating software architectures. 



-US Citizenship or Permanent Resident (Green Card) candidates only.  

-Candidate holds a BS/MS in CS/EE from an accredited academic institution. 

-Candidate is well versed with C, C++, and Java.

-Familiarity with Linux environments is expected.

-Good knowledge of networking including transport layer protocols and routing protocols etc.

-Hands on experience with hardware and embedded systems development are highly desired.

-Good knowledge of a scripting language such as Tcl or Python.

-Good knowledge of Matlab, Octave or Numpy.


-Candidate is experienced with the full Software Development Lifecycle, prior experience in large-scale projects. 

-Knowledge of software defined networking and related technologies.  

-Kernel programming experience.

-Experiences with network simulators such as QualNet, OPNET, NS2 or NS3, or network emulators such as CORE and EMANE.

-Familiarity with satellite communications: link analysis, basic orbital mechanics. 

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