March - 2018

UC is working under a Navy funded SBIR grant on a remote pilot HCI for detect and avoid of unmanned aircraft under challenging conditions.

January - 2018

UC's technology for vision based sensing of intruders for DAA was featured in Aviation Week. This technology is key to support safer skies when a large number of unmanned aircraft are operational.

April - 2017

UtopiaCompression's maritime visual analytics has been integrated with FLIR’s new ClearCruise™ technology to improve perception and safety on the water.

Increased Navigational Safety: FLIR ClearCruise™ Thermal Analytics

December - 2016

UtopiaCompression's sense-and-avoid technology was published as a success story by the Air Force SBIR/STTR Program and DARPA. UC's sense-and-avoid technology uses passive camera systems to detect and range other aircraft, and is essential for collision avoidance on all classes of UAS.

SBIR-STTR Success story

October - 2013
UtopiaCompression Corp has teamed with Creative Technologies Inc and Wright State University on a neuroimaging research project.
NEUMET-CO, funded by the Office of Naval Research, is a neuroimaging-based system of cognitive models to be used as a novel intelligent tutoring tool in training applications.
The cognitive models under development by UC will predict decision-making capabilities of warfighters, and will consider factors that are influenced by the soldier’s social-cultural environment (such as rational thinking, volition, personality traits, risk-taking ability, etc.). The CTI team is developing the training test bed, including the instructional design, application design, and proof of concept. Wright State University team led by Assistant Professor Ion Juvina will conduct behavior and fMRI data collection studies to validate the technology.
NUEMET-CO will assist the military by performing higher-order interactions amongst various neural substrates to help identify soldiers who might need additional training to enhance their cognitive ability. This capability will allow them to make rapid decisions without exhausting higher-order interactions, and will support and validate the efficacy of a variety of training efforts.
August - 2013

UtopiaCompression has been awarded an SBIR grant for developing a postern Sense and Avoid system for remotely piloted aircraft.

January - 2013
Supported by the Air Force, UtopiaCompression's Monocular Passive Ranging technology is being tested in the Multiple Intruder Autonomous Avoidance (MIAA) Round 4C flight test.
November - 2012

New pilot project on physiological monitoring for Sickle Cell Disease launched in collaboration with Georgia Health Sciences University.

November - 2012
Supported by the Air Force, UtopiaCompression's Monocular Passive Ranging technology is being tested in the Multiple Intruder Autonomous Avoidance (MIAA) Round 4B flight test.
March - 2012

UtopiaCompression received an Air Force SBIR award for developing Intelligent Cooperative Controller for Unmanned Aircraft System missions.

March - 2012

UtopiaCompression received an Army SBIR award for developing a novel threat detection system capable of providing wide area threat detection in complex and cluttered battlefield.

February - 2012

UtopiaCompression received an OSD SBIR award for developing a real-time semantic video parsing and tagging System

January - 2012

UtopiaCompression received a Navy SBIR award for developing an intelligent visual sensing system for unmanned surface vessels

September - 2011

UtopiaCompression announces a DARPA SBIR award for developing an non-invasive multi-modal affective computing system

March - 2011

UtopiaCompression awarded a BAA from the Office of Naval Research as sub-contractors to develop unicast/multicast routing for tactical networks with asymmetric links.

February - 2011

UtopiaCompression announces a Navy STTR award in collaboration with UCLA for a generative gateway architecture providing cost-effective inter networking capabilities between heterogeneous communication waveforms.

January - 2011

UtopiaCompression receives a DARPA SBIR award to develop a novel Panoramic Camera System.

January - 2011

UtopiaCompression receives an Air Force SBIR award to develop a novel Sense and Avoid Ladar.

October - 2010

UtopiaCompression receives a Navy SBIR award to develop an underwater mine detection and classification system with novel learning capabilities.

September - 2010

UtopiaCompression awarded a SBIR award from the Army SBIR Office to develop a perception system for robotic platforms.

July - 2010

UtopiaCompression receives a .5 SBIR award from the Air Force to enhance its Maneuverless Monocular Passive Ranging technology