Passive Intruder Detection

Miniature Intruder Detection System for UAS SAA

Our visual detection and tracking technology enables one of the primary Sense and Avoid (SAA) function for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), namely the ability to detect air traffic in both day and night imaging conditions. In collaboration with Defense Engineering Corporation (DEC) we are developing an integrated Short Wave Infra-Red (SWIR) sensor/processor system capable of detecting and tracking potential intruding aircrafts in the surrounding airspace.


Technology description

  • Greater than 90% hit rate at distances of greater than 3Nm in day time and up to 8Nm for night time operations
  • Design aimed at single digit false alarms per hour
  • Designed for real time multiple intruder tracking on an embedded platform
  • Detection performance has been validated using challenging day and night recorded flight test data
  • Adaptable for use with EO sensors
  • Small size, weight and power footprint