Under the Autonomous Systems Capability, UC leverages its groundbreaking computer vision techniques along with the state-of-the-art Estimation, Guidance, Navigation, and Control algorithms for Multi-Agent Coordination and Control to solve critical and challenging problems
for the Department of Defense as well as in the commercial sector.


In the quest to unlock the full potential of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), UC has emerged as a leader in addressing one of its most daunting challenges: last-mile delivery in GPS-denied urban environments. Co-NAVIGATE, a trailblazing solution, transcends traditional navigational barriers by implementing “smart landmarks” and sensor fusion to enable aerial vehicles to navigate with human-like precision, even in the most congested urban areas where GPS reliability is compromised. Co-NAVIGATE is not just a technology; it’s a leap towards the future of urban mobility, designed to seamlessly integrate aerial vehicles into the cityscape for efficient last-mile delivery and beyond.


UtopiaCompression proudly unveils AETHER, a paradigm-shifting Detect and Avoid system, meticulously crafted at the intersection of cutting-edge computer vision and autonomous system technologies. AETHER is engineered with the ambitious objective of revolutionizing Beyond Visual Line-of-Sight (BVLOS) operations for autonomous aerial vehicles within the National Airspace, marking a new era in Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). This system is not just a technological advancement; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to navigate the complexities of tomorrow’s skies with unparalleled precision and reliability.

AETHER is not just a product; it’s UtopiaCompression’s commitment to advancing the frontiers of Advanced Air Mobility by providing an unmatched layer of intelligence and safety.


UC’s pioneering development, SwarmSync, represents a groundbreaking advancement in swarm navigation technology. It is specifically engineered to excel in environments where GPS signals are either denied or severely degraded. This innovative system, leveraging UC’s patented computer vision technology in tandem with advanced sensors, introduces a robust solution for both military and civilian applications. By enabling a singular tracker vehicle to relay critical target information to a UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) swarm, SwarmSync facilitates the deployment of these swarms to form an extensive surveillance network. This network can span vast geographical areas, significantly enhancing the operational efficiency and situational awareness of ground assets.

SwarmSync is not merely a technological solution; it is a strategic enabler, designed to augment the capabilities of UAS swarms across a spectrum of civilian and military operations. With its sophisticated blend of computer vision and sensor technology, SwarmSync sets a new standard for precision, efficiency, and stealth in swarm-based surveillance and reconnaissance missions.


Navigating the intricate dynamics of heterogeneous vehicle collaboration across varied degrees-of-freedom (DOF) poses a formidable challenge, yet it opens the door to exceptional opportunities in environments filled with obstacles and competitive pressures. Leveraging its deep expertise in Visual Analytics and GPS-denied Navigation, UtopiaCompression (UC) introduces CO AIR, a groundbreaking system designed to orchestrate seamless cooperation between ground and aerial assets. This innovative approach enables ground units, including vehicles and personnel, to harness insights from allied aerial vehicles for precise target localization and engagement in demanding terrains. CO AIR equips geographically dispersed assets with the capability to efficiently converge on agile maneuvering targets by utilizing a wealth of local sensor data.

CO AIR not only pioneers advanced collaborative techniques among diverse vehicle platforms but also significantly elevates the tactical and strategic capabilities of military and civilian operations in complex scenarios.