November - 2020

Our contract with NAVSEA has been extended to continue transitioning our training technology for Navy Schoolhouse (Surface Warfare Officers School).

October - 2020

We are awarded an Air Force Phase II STTR to develop portable diagnostics for traumatic brain injury.

July - 2020

We're flight-testing our innovative sense-and-avoid product.  This technology will make the skies safer for manned and unmanned aircraft.

April - 2020

We won a Navy SBIR Phase II for our Deep Learning Surface Object Classifier.  We're bringing deep learning to unmanned surface vessels.

March - 2020

UtopiaCompression wins a Navy SBIR Phase II for our Intelligent Visual Sensing technology.  We're working with Aerostar Technical Solutions to enhance scene understanding for unmanned surface vessels.

February - 2020

We've won a BAA with the Federal Aviation Administration for our Sense-and-Avoid technology.  Our technology ranges passively with a single camera, making navigation safer for UAVs without specialized sensors.

November - 2019

UC wins Navy SBIR as part of the Technology Acceleration program.  We're bringing deep learning to maritime surveillance for safer navigation.

November - 2019

UtopiaCompression wins Air Force Phase I STTR sponsored by AFWERX and AFOSR.  We will be collaborating with Augusta University and Ursus Medical in developing a portable 3D Ultrasound technology to diagnose traumatic brain injury (TBI).

October - 2019

We just got back from the Utah UAS Summit in Ogden, Utah.  

September - 2019

UtopiaCompression wins Navy SBIR Phase I for autonomous UAV flight without supervisory control.

August - 2019

We are awarded a Navy Phase II for investigating Human Social Cultural Behavioral (HSCB).

March - 2019

UtopiaCompression wins Air Force SBIR Phase II for combat search-and-rescue (CSAR). We're using computer vision and machine learning to make CSAR faster, safer, and more effective. 

March - 2018

UC is working under a Navy funded SBIR grant on a remote pilot HCI for detect and avoid of unmanned aircraft under challenging conditions.

January - 2018

UC's technology for vision based sensing of intruders for DAA was featured in Aviation Week. This technology is key to support safer skies when a large number of unmanned aircraft are operational.

April - 2017

UtopiaCompression's maritime visual analytics has been integrated with FLIR’s new ClearCruise™ technology to improve perception and safety on the water.

Increased Navigational Safety: FLIR ClearCruise™ Thermal Analytics

December - 2016

UtopiaCompression's sense-and-avoid technology was published as a success story by the Air Force SBIR/STTR Program and DARPA. UC's sense-and-avoid technology uses passive camera systems to detect and range other aircraft, and is essential for collision avoidance on all classes of UAS.

SBIR-STTR Success story