At UtopiaCompression,the founding members and technical team have developed a disruptive algorithm to revolutionize B2B and B2C interactions. It is designed to streamline the process of aligning demand with supply across various industries. Nexus Innovation, a spinoff of UC, applies this transformative technology through an e-commerce market platform called Gbuy which aggregates demands and matches it with best priced suppliers.

Gbuy proudly introduces the world to the power of Nexus Innovation’s proprietary technology. It uniquely gathers online shoppers’ product demands and consolidates them to harness their collective bargaining power. This method, also known as group buying, synergizes with reverse auction mechanisms to encourage sellers to offer their best prices. Central to this cutting-edge technology are complex aggregation and matching optimization algorithms that involve bidding processes. This makes Gbuy a trailblazer in leveraging collective purchasing power to benefit both buyers and sellers. This innovative approach is adaptable across various B2B and B2C sectors and underscores our commitment to excellence and efficiency in centralizing purchasing power.