Collision Avoidance Ladar

Laser Enhanced Advanced Passive SAA system (LEAPS)

LEAPS augments a camera based air traffic detection system for sense-and-avoid with a narrow field-of-view laser radar (ladar) to provide more accurate range estimates and reduced false alarms. LEAPS is ideally suited for small to medium sized unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) which cannot carry a radar due to size, weight and power constraints.


Technology description

  • Potential intruders are detected using a wide field of regard passive imaging system
  • Detections are confirmed by a narrow field-of-view ladar and if applicable range estimates are provided
  • Intelligent scheduling of the laser enables high accuracy tracking of multiple intruders simultaneously
  • Expected detection range is in excess of 5 nautical miles
  • Expected payload weight is less than 8 lbs and power consumption is less than 250 W.