Panoramic Camera

There is sustained interest and a practical need for small, low-cost, light-weight panoramic imaging cameras that is able to capture large FOV scenes at high spatial resolution with minimal imaging artifacts (such as distortion, skew, and parallax errors). To address this critical demand, UC in collaboration with Ladar & Optical Communication Institute (LOCI), University of Dayton at Ohio, is developing an innovative panoramic camera systems providing unique capabilities including wide field of view (FOV) coverage, improved response time, and lower installation cost.


The expected camera system will offer:

  • 0.4 mrad/pixel angular resolution
  • Hemispherical FOV (Horizontal 360-degree and vertical 180-degree)
  • Single viewpoint with low distortion
  • Size: <2000cm3
  • Weight: <500g
  • Power: <25W
  • Frame rate: 15fps