UtopiaCompression merges advanced computer vision with machine learning to create state-of-the-art technologies spanning the entire spectrum of visual information processing. This includes sophisticated methods for image and video sensing, efficient compression techniques, seamless transmission, and cutting-edge visual analytics. Our computer vision solutions empower individuals and organizations to achieve and sustain real-time situational awareness. They also enable the extraction of valuable, actionable insights and support quick, informed decision-making in environments where rapid data processing is crucial.

Perception and Situational Awareness for Maritime Applications

The Perception and Situational Awareness System, known as SeeSharp, integrates the expertise of UtopiaCompression in Maritime Visual Analytics with advanced radar technologies of Raven Aerostar Technical Solutions. This collaboration results in a powerful tool for situational awareness. It offers capabilities for precise detection of maritime surface targets, efficient tracking of multiple objects and sophisticated classification of diverse vessel types. This system is designed to enhance maritime security and surveillance, providing a comprehensive and accurate understanding of maritime activities. SeeSharp is designed to function autonomously from the radar system, making it an essential tool in scenarios where passive perception is key.

Maritime Object Classification using Deep Learning

UtopiaCompression successfully shows the practicality of leveraging deep learning in the development of advanced surface object classifiers. These are specifically tailored for deployment on Naval Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs) utilizing visual imagery, and promises to be an invaluable asset for USV operators. It offers essential navigational and situational awareness data and delivers critical intelligence insights for analysts. This breakthrough represents a major advancement in augmenting the operational effectiveness of both unmanned maritime vessels and manned ships, particularly in scenarios where enhanced situational awareness through passive perception is critical.

Airborne Visual Analytics

UtopiaCompression revolutionizes search-and-rescue missions by integrating autonomy, computer vision, and machine learning. This enables quicker, safer, and more resource-efficient search operations. The AVIAN software suite utilizes Electro-Optical (EO)/Infrared (IR) video to detect moving targets on both land and sea, which is valuable in combat search and rescue operations. It provides a crucial advantage in locating stationary and moving survivors, under all lighting conditions, from day to night.